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Partnership – Trust Wallet

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We are very excited to announce our latest partnership with Trust Wallet – one of the largest self-custodial and multi-chain mobile wallets. Together, we have built the most straightforward one-click integration between a wallet and a crypto tax platform ever created, allowing users worldwide to get free insights reports and better understand their tax liability directly from the Trust Wallet mobile app.

For more information, you can read the press release from Trust Wallet.

This guide will show you how to connect your Trust Wallet mobile application with Coinpanda in a few easy steps.

Getting started

There are two steps you need to ensure that you have done first:

  1. Have the latest version of the Trust Wallet mobile application installed on your device
  2. Have a minimum of one active wallet in your app

Once this is completed, you can go to the next step!

Step 1 – Tax Report Tools

The easiest way to access the Coinpanda integration is from the Discover tab in the Trust Wallet mobile application. On this tab, you will see Coinpanda below Tax Report Tools at the top of this screen.

Next, click on Coinpanda, as seen in the right-side screenshot.

PS! If you see a story about Coinpanda in the Trust Wallet app, shown in the left-side screenshot, you can access the integration directly by tapping Get Started Free.

trust wallet step1

Step 2 – Coinpanda screen

The next screen will display some basic information about the integration and Coinpanda.

To continue, simply tap the Generate tax report button.

trust wallet step2

Step 3 – Connect DApp

The final screen in the Trust Wallet application is the Connect DApp screen, where you give permission to Trust Wallet to share your wallet addresses with Coinpanda.

It’s important to know that you are not giving Trust Wallet or Coinpanda access to your wallet or coins. You simply give view-only permission to import all your addresses to Coinpanda automatically.

trust wallet step3

Step 4 – Import Transactions

After you have given permission for Trust Wallet to share your wallet addresses with Coinpanda, you will see the screen in the image below.

The last step you need to do is tap Import Transactions. Coinpanda will automatically add all addresses to your Coinpanda account and start importing all the transactions automatically from API.

trust wallet import transactions

Bonus: 30% discount

As part of the partnership, we offer up to a 30% discount on all tax plans if you create a Coinpanda account from the Trust Wallet mobile application. To qualify for the 30% discount offer, you must hold at least 50 TWT tokens in one of your wallets. If you don’t have this, you will get a reduced 20% discount instead.

The discount will be automatically applied at checkout!

Final thoughts

By now, you should have all your wallet addresses in Trust Wallet added to your Coinpanda account, allowing you to see a more detailed breakdown and insight into your trades and portfolio.

Remember to sign up with your email address by tapping Get Started in the blue alert at the top of all pages. This will allow you to log in from your computer or other devices later so you can complete your taxes.

You can only create a Coinpanda account with an email address you have not used for signing up with Coinpanda earlier. You can still follow the steps explained in this guide but cannot link your existing account with the new account created from the Trust Wallet mobile application.

The content provided on this website is intended solely for general informational purposes and should not be interpreted as professional advice. We recommend consulting with independent professionals for legal, financial, tax or other advice to correlate our website's information with your situation. Coinpanda cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred resulting from the utilization or dependency on the information directly or indirectly accessed via this website.


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