Cryptocurrency Tax Accountants in Italy

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Accounting Bolla

As an Italian tax resident you are required to report your foreign held assets owned outside of Italy, including crypto currencies and NFTs. Italy does not have any amnesty procedure in place, therefore it is essential to file a timely tax return including the crypto assets disclosure.

Accounting Bolla is your to go accounting firm to help you report your crypto assets, avoiding hefty fines and ensuring the required level of compliance. We can assist you remotely throughout the whole tax filing procedure.

Studio Giorgio D’Amico

Crypto Tax reporting in Italy can be complicated.

We can sort it out for you, and provide all forms ready for filing, or even file them for you.

Thanks to a strong international tax and finance background, since 2018 we serviced more than 250 clients and gained a unique expertise in most complicated matters related to crypto trading, mining, staking and now NFTs and metaverses.