Import Transactions to a Custom Wallet

A Coinpanda custom wallet may be used in a few different ways, such as:

  • Importing transactions from an unsupported exchange or wallet
  • Adding transactions for fixing negative balance warnings
  • Adding transactions for adjusting your total portfolio balance to match your true balance

Please note that it is not possible to upload any CSV/XLSX file exported from an exchange or other third party to this wallet type. The only file that can be uploaded is the Coinpanda generic file.

If you want to upload a CSV file from an unsupported exchange, you have two options:

  1. Contact us in the live chat and request us to add support for a new exchange
  2. Convert the file into the Coinpanda generic file format

Generally, we can (and will!) add support for all different CSV/XLSX files from any exchange, wallet, or blockchain. We recommend contacting us to check if we can add support for the file since this will require less work on your side when doing your crypto taxes.