How to Report Your Deribit Taxes

Coinpanda has direct integration with Deribit to simplify tracking your trades and tax reporting. Calculate your taxes and generate all required tax reports and forms easily.

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API Sync

File Upload

Supported transaction types

To calculate your taxes accurately, you must import all transactions from Deribit to Coinpanda. Coinpanda supports the following transaction types from Deribit today:

Tx TypeAPI importCSV file upload
Depositscheck solid greencheck solid green
Withdrawalscheck solid greencheck solid green
Realized PnLcheck solid greencheck solid green
Funding costscheck solid greencheck solid green
Trading feescheck solid greencheck solid green
Coin swapscheck solid greencheck solid green

Import trades automatically with API

We are only requesting view permissions. This does not give us access to your private keys or the ability to move your funds.

To add your Deribit account to Coinpanda, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the user icon in the top right corner and click ‘API’
  2. Click ‘ADD NEW KEY’
  3. Set all options to ‘read’ and enter a name (Ex: Coinpanda)
  4. Leave the IP Whitelist fields empty and click ‘Create a new API key’
  5. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret to Coinpanda

Coinpanda will automatically aggregate all fees and funding payments into a single daily transaction. This is done to avoid importing thousands of small transactions of insignificant value often provided by the Deribit API. This means that you might see only 100 transactions on Coinpanda instead of 1,000 or 2,000 using another crypto tax platform. The resulting gain/loss will be exactly the same.

Upload a CSV file to Coinpanda

  1. Hover over the user icon in the top right corner and click ‘Transaction Log’
  2. Select a date range and click ‘Download Logs’
  3. Remember to download the CSV file for all assets (BTC, ETH, ETHW, SOL, USDC) and repeat the previous step
  4. Upload your CSV file(s) to Coinpanda

Should you have any further questions, please contact support:


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