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How to Report Your Taxes

Coinpanda has direct integration with to simplify tracking your trades and tax reporting. Calculate your taxes and generate all required tax reports and forms easily.

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API Sync

File Upload

Supported transaction types

To calculate your taxes accurately, you must import all transactions from to Coinpanda. Coinpanda supports the following transaction types from today:

Tx TypeAPI importCSV file upload
Depositscheck solid greencheck solid green
Withdrawalscheck solid greencheck solid green
Spot tradescheck solid greencheck solid green
Realized PnL (futures)check solid greencheck solid green
Trading fees (futures) check solid greencheck solid green
Funding costs (futures)check solid greencheck solid green

Import trades automatically with API

We are only requesting view permissions. This does not give us access to your private keys or the ability to move your funds.

To add your account to Coinpanda, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the user icon and select ‘API Management’
  2. Click ‘Create API Key’
  3. Enter ‘Coinpanda’ or another name in the API Key Remark field
  4. Select ‘Later’ for IP Permissions
  5. Select ‘API v4 Key’ and ‘Classic Account’
  6. Enable all the permissions and select ‘Read Only’ for all
  7. Click ‘Submit’ and confirm the security prompt
  8. Enter your fund password and 2FA code
  9. Copy the API Key and API Secret to Coinpanda

Upload a CSV file to Coinpanda

  1. Hover over ‘Wallet’ in the header menu and select ‘Transaction History’
  2. Select a date range covering your entire transaction history and click ‘Filter’
  3. Click ‘Download’
  4. Upload the CSV file to Coinpanda

Should you have any further questions, please contact support:


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