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Give friends $15 off on their first order, and you get up to $40 in return. It’s as simple as that!

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How it works

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Invite your friends

Invite people who don’t have a Coinpanda account yet to sign up through your link. Share your link on social media or by email.

They get a discount

Friends who sign up for Coinpanda with your link will get a $15 discount. They will also thank you for learning about Coinpanda!

You earn commission

You will get paid 10% and up to $40 for each user that upgrades to a paid tax plan. Remember to remind your friends about the tax deadline!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get advice and answers to the referral program.

How do I get paid?

Currently, rewards can only be paid out to your PayPal account. You will be asked to enter your PayPal email when requesting a payout from the referral dashboard. We plan to support payouts in crypto later this year.

All users signing up from your link will receive a special welcome email with a discount code for $15 off all plans. The discount can be applied to all tax plans for any tax year. We also run regular promotions for our referral members, which will always be communicated via email in advance.

Yes! Every referral member can get a unique referral link, such as your name or social media handle. Send us an email to with the details to request a custom referral link.

What is the difference between the referral and the affiliate program?

By default, all Coinpanda users will be enrolled in the referral program after signing up. The referral program is simplified and pays a reduced commission compared to our premium affiliate program. All users can upgrade to become an affiliate partner by accepting the terms on this page.

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