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Product Update: August 2022

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We are at the end of summer and another productive month has come to a close for the Coinpanda team. Here are some of the noteworthy updates completed in August.

API integrations

List of new or updated integrations completed in August:

  • Flow
  • Centrifuge Legacy
  • TRON – update for identifying tokens correctly
  • Phemex – update for importing futures trades, but with some limitations

CSV integrations

Last month, we updated our file support for 15+ exchanges and added support for 10+ new exchanges and wallets. Here are some of the most noteworthy updates in random order:

  • CoinZoom
  • Swyftx
  • PrimeXBT
  • Vauld
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Slushpool
  • CoinStats
  • Bitrue
  • Hotbit
  • OKX
  • CoinMetro

Other bug fixes and improvements

Here are some of the fixes and other improvements we did in the last month:

Dashboard graph

Fixed an issue related to some tokens missing prices on specific dates which resulted in the dashboard graph not being shown correctly. The graph is now calculated correctly even on those dates where no price values exist. However, only very few tokens are affected by this, and mainly tokens with close to zero trading volume.

Generic file template

We have done a major overhaul to the generic file template including lots of new functionality for how to use the file for importing your transactions. Please read our extensive help article explaining all the changes and new features in more detail: https://help.coinpanda.io/en/articles/3839231-import-of-generic-excel-file

That’s a wrap for this month’s updates! We hope you will enjoy these new features and improvements, and the Coinpanda team wishes you a good rest of the week! 🌞🚀

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