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Complete Guide to Bybit Taxes

• 8 min read

Whether you are using Bybit to trade spot, derivatives, or …


Complete Guide to Cardano Taxes

• 8 min read

If you have received staking rewards, swapped ADA for other …

uphold tax documents

Uphold Tax Documents [Updated 2023]

• 4 min read

Have you used Uphold to buy or sell cryptocurrency, but …

paypal tax forms

PayPal Crypto Tax Forms [Updated 2023]

• 4 min read

Have you used PayPal to buy, sell, or spend cryptocurrency? …

nft taxes australia

NFT Taxes Australia: Essential Guide for 2023

• 3 min read

Are you wondering if you must pay taxes on your …

nft taxes canada

NFT Taxes Canada: Essential Guide for 2023

• 5 min read

NFTs became massively popular during the last bull run, with …

nft tax loopholes

Top 7 NFT Tax Loopholes You Need to Know

• 4 min read

Have you invested in NFTs and now wonder if any …


NFT Taxes: Complete Guide for 2023

• 8 min read

In this complete guide for NFT taxes, we take a …

tax loss harvesting crypto

Crypto Tax-Loss Harvesting: Complete Guide 2023

• 8 min read

Crypto tax-loss harvesting might help you to reduce your tax …

crypto tax form 8949

IRS Crypto Tax Form 8949: How to Fill Out Correctly in 2023

• 4 min read

Are you from the US and did you dispose of …

crypto tax free countries

Best Crypto Tax Free Countries in 2023

• 9 min read

Considering a move to a nation where you can avoid …

does coinbase report to irs

Does Coinbase Report to the IRS? Updated for 2023

• 7 min read

Yes, Coinbase reports to the IRS. As of August 2023, …

tax benefits for married couples canada

Tax Benefits for Married Couples in Canada: Pay Less Tax

• 6 min read

Navigating the Canadian tax system as a married couple can …

can ato track crypto

Can the ATO Track Crypto in 2023?

• 3 min read

As 2023 unfolds, many Aussie cryptocurrency users have one crucial …

can irs track crypto

Can the IRS Track Crypto in 2023? Can I Hide from the IRS?

• 6 min read

One question on the minds of many cryptocurrency users in …

crypto gambling

Crypto Gambling Taxes: Complete Guide 2023

• 4 min read

Crypto gambling and casinos have seen a huge increase in …

crypto taxes on

How to Report Crypto Taxes on TurboTax (Complete Guide 2023)

• 8 min read

Understanding how to report cryptocurrency taxes on TurboTax accurately can …

cosmos staking

How to Calculate Cosmos Staking Taxes in 2023

• 5 min read

In this article, we will look into how you can …

ethereum staking

Complete Guide: Ethereum Staking Taxes

• 7 min read

Dipping your toes into the world of Ethereum staking? Great! …

cardano staking

How to Calculate Cardano Staking Taxes in 2023

• 4 min read

Understanding the tax implications of Cardano staking rewards is crucial …

irs crypto staking

IRS Crypto Staking 2023: What the Latest Guidance Says

• 5 min read

If you’re curious about how the IRS views crypto staking …

report crypto staking income

How to Report Crypto Staking Income: Step-by-Step Guide

• 4 min read

Navigating the complex world of crypto taxation can be daunting, …

how is staking

Ultimate Guide 2023: Crypto Staking Taxes

• 8 min read

Navigating the intricate world of cryptocurrency staking and its tax …

crypto taxes etoro

How to Report Crypto Taxes on eToro

• 7 min read

Importing and handling transactions from eToro for tax purposes differs …

7 ways to avoid crypto

Top 7 Ways to Avoid Taxes on Your Crypto Gains

• 6 min read

Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic in 2021 so far, …

defi tax guide new

DeFi Crypto Taxes in 2022: Complete Tax Guide

• 11 min read

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem has without doubt been the …

are crypto airdrops

Are Cryptocurrency Airdrops Taxed?

• 3 min read

If you have received any cryptocurrency from an airdrop, it …

taxes on lost stolen coins

Cryptocurrency Taxes: How to Report Lost or Stolen Coins

• 4 min read

No one likes losing their hard-earned money or investments. Unfortunately, …

are hard forks

Are Cryptocurrency Hard Forks Taxed?

• 3 min read

If you have received any cryptocurrency from a hard fork, …

taxes on margin trading

Guide: How to Report Taxes on Cryptocurrency Margin Trading

• 6 min read

Taxes on cryptocurrencies has been a hot topic for several …

crypto gifts donations

Are Cryptocurrency Gifts & Donations Taxed?

• 4 min read

Have you ever gifted cryptocurrency to someone else, or received …

taxes on crypto mining

How to Report Taxes on Cryptocurrency Mining

• 5 min read

Have you received any cryptocurrency from mining? Unsure about how …

adjusted cost base

Crypto Taxes in Canada: Adjusted Cost Base Explained

• 5 min read

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) has published a detailed tax …

share pooling

Crypto Taxes in UK: Capital Gains & Share Pooling Explained

• 6 min read

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has published guidance for …

what is fifo lifo hifo

Cryptocurrency Tax Calculations: What is FIFO, LIFO, and HIFO?

• 6 min read

You might have come across the terms FIFO, LIFO, and …

tax deductions on crypto losse

Learn How to Claim Tax Deductions on Crypto Losses

• 2 min read

The cryptocurrency market experienced a brutal bear market during 2018, …


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