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Tell your friends, family and followers about Coinpanda, and earn up to 40% in commissions.

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How it works

Join our affiliate program and earn commissions by promoting Coinpanda.




Join the program

Register for a free Coinpanda account and go to this page to join the affiliate program.


Promote Coinpanda

Link to Coinpanda in articles, or mention us on social media. Send your personal referral link to friends and family.


Get paid

Earn commissions each time new customers join Coinpanda through your link and sign up for a tax plan.

Earn money with Coinpanda

When you refer a new customer to Coinpanda, you’ll earn up to 40% commission each time.


Coinpanda is loved by more than 7,500 customers – for a good reason. Our vision is to make tax reporting as simple and effortless as possible.


Our best-in-class referral program pays out 20% base commission and goes up to 40%. This means a commission can be as high as $156 for a single sale!


Our customers are more than 95% likely to be paying customers for more than one year. You will receive commissions from all future purchases – not just the first year!


You have a full overview of how many people are signing up with your link and how many are converting into paying customers from your personal affiliate dashboard.


There are specific rules you have to agree to before you are accepted into our affiliate program.

  • The base commission is 20% and increases with the number of referrals.
  • Lifetime commission is 10% and also increases with the number of referrals.
  • The minimum payout limit is $100.
  • You can request commission to be paid to your PayPal account or to your BTC or ETH address.
  • Spamming websites or emails with your affiliate link will result in immediate termination of your account.

Read the full terms here.

Commission schedule

Earn more bitcoin by referring more customers.

No. of Referrals

First purchase


0 – 100



100 – 500






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Your affiliate panel

See how much traffic, clicks and signups come through your unique affiliate link. Request payments directly to your PayPal account or BTC/ETH address.

The difference between the Referral and Affiliate program

By default, all Coinpanda users will be enrolled in the Referral program after signing up. The Referral program is a simplified version and pays a reduced commission compared to our premium Affiliate program. All users can upgrade to become a Coinpanda Affiliate by accepting the terms on this page.

Become a Coinpanda affiliate

Promote Coinpanda and earn bitcoin today