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Join the world’s largest Copy Trading community at Bitget. Copy the strategies of +80,000 elite traders and profit from their trades.

World’s largest copy trading platform

8 million users worldwide

Audited Proof of reserves at 230%

Protection fund of $330M in BTC, USDC and USDT

10% spot fees discount for Coinpanda users

Easy tax reporting with Coinpanda

Get 10% discount on fees
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Trade BTC, ETH, AVAX and other top cryptocurrencies with up to 50x leverage directly from your wallet. GMX is the most popular DEX on Arbitrum today.

Reduced liquidation risks

Minimal spread and zero price impact

Easily swap between assets

Trade on Arbitrum or Avalanche

Get 10% discount on fees
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Ledger is known for their state-of-the-art hardware wallets. Its flagship products, the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X, provide robust security for crypto assets combined with user-friendly design.

Keep your crypto assets secure

Earn rewards from staking

Trusted by 6 million customers

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ledger privacy protection pack
10% off

Privacy Protection Pack

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ledger nano
30% off

Ledger Nano X

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ledger nano s plus
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Ledger Nano S Plus

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ledger nano x bundle
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Ledger Family Pack X

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