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Gain full insight into your portfolio’s value and performance from your personal dashboard. Track your gain/loss over time. Learn more about your cost basis and the potential for reducing your tax liability.

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Coinpanda keeps track of your transactions across all major exchanges and wallets.


See how your portfolio performs over time. Gain insight into your trading activity and habits.

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We know reporting taxes are not fun. That’s why we offer 24/7 free support to guide you through the process.

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Gain insight into the tax impact of every trade before you make them with our sophisticated trade preview tool.

Tax Reports

Automatically generate tax reports for capital gains and income. Export local tax forms like Form 8949 and Schedule D.

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Pay less tax with our powerful tax-loss harvesting tool designed specifically for reducing your tax bill.

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Calculate your cost basis with FIFO, LIFO, HIFO or ACB cost basis method.


Coinpanda was built with security as our first priority. You can trust that your private data will remain safe.

Integration with exchanges

Coinpanda has direct integration with more than 350 exchanges, wallets, and blockchains. Easily import all your historical transactions using API keys or CSV files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get advice and answers from the Coinpanda team.

Do I need to pay taxes on my cryptocurrencies?

If you have traded, sold, mined, earned, or used any of your cryptocurrency to pay for services or goods, then you may need to pay taxes on your capital gains. Learn more about how cryptocurrencies are taxed.

Are crypto to crypto trades taxed?

Yes, a crypto-to-crypto transaction (trading) is considered a taxable event similar to selling cryptocurrency for fiat currency. Stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, and PAX are also treated similarly to any other cryptocurrency. Learn more about taxes on crypto-to-crypto trades.

Are airdrops, forks, staking, and mining taxed?

Airdrops and forks are in general not taxed before you sell the coins later. Cryptocurrency mining is taxed, but different tax rules apply depending on if the activity is classified as a business or just a hobby.

Can I avoid paying taxes on my crypto trades?

Avoiding taxes is both very difficult and not legal. In most countries, tax authorities are now tracking down people who own or have bought bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges like Coinbase have also handed over user data to several tax agencies.

What should I do after receiving a crypto tax warning letter?

If you have received a warning letter from a tax agency, you need to report your crypto holdings and taxes to avoid potential fines. Coinpanda can help you do this.

How can I generate and file my crypto tax report?

Coinpanda is a cryptocurrency tax calculator built to simplify and automate the process of calculating your taxes and filing your tax reports. You can export all the required forms in under 20 minutes using our platform.

I synced all my transactions from BitMEX and Bitpanda without any errors, and the tax report was very clear. You guys have done a really solid job with the platform – and much better support than CoinTracker and Accointing. Thanks again!

Eric Krüger

Thanks for the great help and support! I was able to easily import all transactions from Coinbase and Binance, a huge relief to have my crypto taxes done in 10 minutes. I’ve recommended Coinpanda to all my friends who own bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and they use it too!

Dave Thompson
California, USA


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Calculate your taxes in under 20 minutes.


Sign up for free

Calculate your taxes in under 20 minutes.