Cryptocurrency Tax Accountants in South Africa

Do you need help from a professional with filing your crypto taxes? Look no further - see our comprehensive list below of certified tax professionals, including CPAs, crypto accountants, and attorneys that work with bitcoin and crypto taxation.

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South Africa

CH Consulting

We understand that there was a lot of uncertainty on how crypto asset gains should be taxed, which resulted in a number of taxpayers not declaring their gains at all. There is clarity now and we can help you fix the situation with the years you have not filed your crypto asset tax gains or losses (to utilise against future gains). Perhaps this is your first tax year with crypto asset gains, in which case we will also help you navigate the tax landscape correctly from the start.

We are aware that in the current environment not a lot of accountants or tax consultants understand crypto assets, however we have been involved in the crypto asset tax trade since 2017.

Tax Maverick

We provide tailored tax services for individual taxpayers, with specialist knowledge in cryptocurrency, expatriates and small businesses.

Andre Bothma has over 12 years’ experience in the tax and accounting industry, but with a keen focus on consulting and tax planning. He has over 33k followers across two social media platforms where he educates ordinary South Africans about taxes.